Gina Rollins


Are the photos on your site really you?
Yes, and they represent me accurately at this time. I am often kindly told that my photos do not do me justice, and I am confident that you will be pleased with my appearance in person as well.

Are your donations negotiable?
I’m sorry, but they are not. I do not want to meet every man who has the desire to meet me. I prefer to see a select few, and my donations allow me to be as selective as you are. My value is apparent and my donations are well worth the experience. If they are not acceptable to you, I appreciate your interest in me but I ask that you search elsewhere for a companion. Any established client may discuss remaining at the amount of your last visit.

When are you available?
On most occasions, I take appointments from 10 am – 10pm with some exceptions for regulars. The more advance notice that I have, the greater the chance that I will be able to meet you during the time you request. But I would be willing to accept a last-minute appointment if the time is available. So please feel free to fill out my reservation form then send me a text message so I can check it.

Where can I meet you?
I am mainly in West Hollywood and NYC but on occasion, I do travel to cities all over the U.S and the world with previously approved clients that I have seen before. Send me an email with your thoughts of how much time you would like to spend with me and where you would like to travel to.

Would you consider yourself to be a Girl Friend Experience or What?
I always try to give you the experience of being with your girlfriend who really wants to please you.

Will you accept credit cards?
No, at this time I only accept Cash Zelle, Cash App or Paypal.